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Las Vegas Style Gaming Night
Enjoy the excitement of your own casino party as you and your friends play all your favorite Vegas games. Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, Slot Machines and Texas Hold Em’! All the dealers, tables and feel of a real Vegas casino.  You can even have your face printed on the house money! Your friends and family will have the time of their life without spending a dime!

Are you the next American Idol? Here’s your chance to grab the microphone, shine in the spotlight and be a star! Choose from the classic standard songs of yester-year to your current Top 40 favorites! From Sinatra to Beyonce there’s a song for everyone! You and your friends can even harmonize together with special effects on the microphone. Dual karaoke player, 19-inch color TV monitor and stand, karaoke booklets and four microphones.

Game Show Mania

Our game show host will ask fun pop culture trivia questions, popular sound clips preceded by questions, or questions you provide. Your guests or employees will become contestants in a real TV style Game Show and compete individually or as teams. The game show system consists of a master controller with zany sound effects, total show control, and score keeping making this popular package great for any size group.  All the fun and excitement of a TV Game Show that will keep the attendees talking for months!

Please note that we can customize the questions or sound effects to the theme of your party or company to add a very personalized touch. It’s a good way to test your employees knowledge or see how much your friends and family know about you..

Tall Italian Productions provides complete Game Show Production services that include projection televisions, monitors, staging, lighting, backdrops and sound reinforcement if needed.  We provide technical operation, entertaining hosts and customized shows to suit your needs.  Each event is unique; we will provide all the services needed for your perfect Game Show anywhere on planet earth!

Package 1 has 4 "intelligent" lights that move across the dance floor, walls, ceiling which are controlled with a computer, much like you'd see in a club setting. Each light can project a different pattern and color and can be made stationary to decorate walls with lights . The lights can be flashed on and off and can also spotlight anything or anyone. This package also contains a fog machine and 1 strobe light which is a bright white light that flashes on and off.

Package 2 has two more (for a total of 6) "intelligent" lights for larger ballrooms which gives you even more colors and movement to the dance floor, 1 strobe light, and a fog machine. Also included are 2 LED lights. These lights project a solid ever changing wash of color onto the dance floor.

Package 3 comes with a silver metal arch that surrounds the DJ, a strobe light, fog machine, 2 LED lights, a black light which makes everything glow, and 6 intelligent lights. This archway makes an impressive focal point to the dance floor!

Package 4 has 8 intelligent lights, 2 fog machines, (1) black light, 4 LED lights and 2 strobe lights and many more options enabling you to design it according to your taste and theme.

Lighting can have a major visual impact on your next event. We can set a mood, an ambiance, bring energy to the dance floor, hide ugly flaws in a ballroom, or accent what you want to highlight visually at your next event. Intelligent & uplighting, strobe lighting, Dance floors, black lights,etc. GoBo’s and much more!

Motivational Dancers
Help get your party started with these dancers who love to get your guests up and moving. Learn new steps and dance the night away to all your favorites!
These dancers love what they do and their enthusiasm and energy is contagious. Whether you’re eight or eighty, you’ll be up all night busting a move!

Inflatable musical instruments as you play guitar or saxophone. Maracas for the Conga or merengue mix. Hula Hoops (good for kids and adults). Limbo Stick, Glo-Necklaces and Bracelets. Beads, Leis, Hats, Blinking L.E.D’s. 

Add some character to your event with your favorite props.
Great for Theme parties!

Large Screen Video Projection

Imagine seeing your favorite artist or even yourself on our amazing 10' diagonal TV screen. This is a real attention getter and also includes  a "This is your life" photo to video transfer shown during the evening. A copy of this video is a souvenir for you to take home after your special day.



Give Your Guests a Party They Will Remember Forever!
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• Las Vegas Style Gaming
• Karaoke
• Game Show Mania
• Special Lighting Show
• Motivational Dancers
• Props
• Large Screen Video Projection


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